Children are challenged to learn and grow each day, guided by our dedicated and loving teachers. Each age group has developmentally appropriate lessons specifically designed to help students grow academically, socially, and spiritually. 

Every day is full of rich, rewarding experiences to promote whole child development. Our curriculum challenges our students to develop fine-motor skills that will lead to quality penmanship. Dramatic play is used to develop creativity, expand vocabulary, and to cultivate social skills. Manipulatives, sequencing, sorting activities, and sensory tubs introduce order, addition, subtraction, fractions, and problem solving to our budding mathematicians. The foundation for reading is set through finger plays, rhyming, alliterations, phonemic awareness, sequencing and a strong exposure to children’s literature, both fiction and non-fiction. Our small scientists develop an appreciation of their world through hands-on exploration, nature walks, working in our science garden, and through experiments and observation. 

Our teachers provide a hands-on teaching environment that encourages students to explore through each of their five senses. Our students are motivated to not only learn their basics such as colors, numbers, and letters, but to develop a larger biblical world-view that will provide an excellent educational foundation. Park Row Christian Academy preschool students are successfully prepared for public and private Kindergarten experiences.


All preschool class schedules include a Bible lesson time, creative art, and a music class with a special music teacher. A 60-minute learning center time and a 30-minute outdoor playtime are part of our daily routine. Sensory exploration, with different materials each week, takes place during center time. Besides these basic components of our days, each department works on age-appropriate activities that prepare students to learn to read, write, and do mathematics. 

Nursery (6-17 Months) 
Children who are at least nine months old when school begins in September come to school to begin learning to socialize with friends and to trust nurturing teachers. The curriculum is designed to enhance vocabulary, gross-motor, and fine-motor development. Many concepts are presented using music. Nursery teachers present age-appropriate Bible stories that have a corresponding social studies theme. 

Toddler (18-23 Months) 
Color studies begin in the toddler class. Music is used to reinforce the learning of age-appropriate concepts. The toddlers study weekly Bible units with corresponding social studies themes. Vocabulary, gross and fine-motor development is a focus. Creative art projects help make the toddler class a special place to be! 

2 Year Olds 
Social development and communication skills practice are very important for the two year olds. The 2’s schedule includes a Discovery Science time where the students are posed questions to consider and explore. Color studies strengthen visual discrimination. Beginning math and literacy activities create an important foundation for future learning. 

3 Year Olds 
Three year olds are ready to work on pre-writing, scissor skills, and beginning computer skills. They focus on a different letter of the alphabet each week. While the curriculum is individualized through games, accomplishing tasks in a group setting is also a focus. Circle time allows for daily discussions and vocabulary building. Sorting by color, shape, and size teaches math skills. Many opportunities to strengthen fine-motor skills are presented during learning center time. 

Pre-Kindergarten (4 or 5 years old) 
Pre-kindergarten students work on phonemic awareness, book knowledge, and early writing activities. Individualized and small-group instruction concentrating on math and literacy allows each student to excel at his or her own pace. The basics of math, science, and literacy are enhanced through the use of computers and iPads. Bible stories are accompanied by Bible application lessons. Fine-motor skills are refined. Math is integrated throughout the day.


Why choose a Christian preschool? 
Christian educators guide our students academically and socially. Science classes are based on the fact that God is the creator of our world.

What is your student to teacher ratio? 
We keep our classes below the state guidelines to ensure that our students and teachers are in an environment that encourages frequent interaction. Please contact us for specific class sizes. 

How are students grouped into classes? 
Students are grouped by age. Each classroom offers a range of age-appropriate learning activities that are designed to meet the unique needs of children in that age group. With our small class sizes, children receive quality one-on-one and small group instruction time allowing specific academic goals to be met for each child. We can meet the needs of academically advanced preschoolers! 

What are the office hours of the school? 
Our office is open from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM on days school is in session. We have limited hours during June. The office is open in July and August Monday thru Thursday, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 

What are the times for your preschool classes? 
Full-day preschool classes are 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. 

Do you offer before and after school care for preschoolers? 
A limited number of spots are available for our preschool extended care program. It is available from 7:00 AM until preschool begins at 9:00 AM and then from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM. 

Do you offer summer care? 
Yes! Stay tuned on our website for more information.