Park Row Christian Academy supports families who have chosen to home-school their children. We strive to provide an environment that enriches lessons learned at home. Home-school Enrichment classes meet weekly on Wednesdays from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Students spend the day on our campus while parents have the opportunity for lesson planning and errands. Our classes are led by Christian educators who model outstanding character and teach with a compassionate heart. 

Chapel services allow our students the opportunity to worship together. Physical education classes promote physical fitness, cooperation, and healthy living. Music classes teach methodology, appreciation of various types of music, and working with others. Art classes expose students to colors, textures, and patterns in a variety of media. Science enrichment classes allow students to explore our vast collections of models, specimens, and teaching tools. Experiments enhance a student's understanding of science and group problem solving skills. Technology class teaches students to enhance their communication and research skills through the use of iPads. Students may also participate in live performances and enjoy frequent guest speakers and presentations. Community service projects encourage generosity, compassion, and a sense of value in contributing to a greater purpose. Students also enjoy lunch and recess, allowing for a time of socialization. Park Row Christian Academy strives to create life-long learners, compassionate citizens, and champions of the Christian faith.


What enrichment classes are offered? 
Our Homeschool Enrichment Program offers PE, Music, Technology, Art, Chapel, and Hands-On Science. 

How are the students grouped in the HSE program? 
The students are generally grouped by age and not by academic level. 

Is lunch provided? 
Students are given the option to purchase lunch from our caterer, Food 4 Life. Students are also welcome to bring a lunch from home. 

Are the Homeschool Enrichment Students required to wear uniforms? 
Yes, our chapel uniform (red embroidered polo and khaki bottoms) is required of all students participating in our HSE program. It can be purchased at Lone Star Gear. 

Do you offer financial aid for the Homeschool Enrichment Program? 
Financial Aid is available for full-time elementary students. 

What are the hours of the Homeschool Enrichment Program? 
The HSE program runs from 8 AM to 3:00 PM on Wednesdays. 

Do you offer before and after school care? 
A limited number of spots are available for our before and after-care program from 7:00 AM until school begins and from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 

Do you offer summer classes? 
No, we do not offer any type of summer classes or camps.