1 to 1 Technology
In Kindergarten through sixth grade we are very excited to have one iPad for every student. We incorporate the use of technology in all areas of our curriculum. Our students learn how to search the internet, create spreadsheets, and use them to make charts and graphs. They navigate eBooks and learn to use word processing applications. They become comfortable with presenting their ideas and research on a multi-media platform. They learn to collaborate on group projects using the iPads. Widespread use of technology is changing the way we work, learn and communicate. We strive to train your children to become comfortable in the high tech world.

Students explore and build robots using Lego Mindstorm Robot. Students learn to use sensors and motors as well as programming. Students also problem solve by using math and science.

Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge by creating projects in the style of different artists. Depicting representations of God’s world is also a large component of the art curriculum. A variety of mediums are used to draw, paint, and sculpt fun projects. The goal is to instill a love of art and develop confidence in each student’s God-given creative ability.

Students are provided the opportunity to read and interpret music notation, perform independently and in groups, and to listen to various genres of music. All kindergarten through sixth grade students participate in a grade-level chorus. Students sing together during weekly chapel services. They are encouraged to take risks and develop their musical talents by performing in Christmas and spring musicals. The sophistication of music increases as the students mature in order to match student development. Interested students may elect to join an extra-curricular Strings Program. Parents contract directly with the strings teacher, Anne Bressert, who provides violin, viola, cello, piano, and guitar lessons twice a week during the school day.

Physical Education
It is the goal of the P.E. class, which meets for 30 minutes daily, to develop physical well-being, movement skills, and an enjoyment of physical education. Sports skills instruction empowers students to see themselves as competent participants who can perform a variety of movement patterns. Respect for others in the P.E. class is emphasized. Personal fitness monitoring is an enjoyable part of the curriculum.

Spanish for the primary grades develops confidence and desire to speak Spanish. Class begins with group choral reading of daily messages, calendar, and alphabet review. Lessons focus on repetition of sounds, words, and phrases while following the motivating Muzzy videos. Fourth through sixth grade units on topics such as introductions, the alphabet, numbers, and classroom objects build vocabulary and comprehension. Cultural studies are included throughout the curriculum.

Friendship Class
As we read God’s word, we see that He values friendships by the special relationships He had with others. At PRCA, we offer friendship classes for grades 4-6. These classes are meant to foster and encourage healthy relationships through open discussions, role playing and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Using the Building on the Rock curriculum, each grade level focuses on different aspects of what it means to apply the Bible to their lives. Students learn the importance of the Bible and gain the ability to interpret it through a variety of methods including: hands-on activities, seat work, group work and songs. Students also work on memorizing Scripture and lean what each verse means for their lives. Every lesson ties back to the theme of building an eternal foundation on the Rock of our salvation, Jesus.

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